The strength of Jharkhand’s Agri and Food: Virgin land scape  for investors & entrepreneurs for back to back integration.

Agriculture is one of the untouched but potential industries in the Jharkhand and farmers are struggling to generate profits- or break even – as they are facing lack of massive investment and maintenance. Meanwhile, consumers are demanding on how their food is produced, is it organic and where it comes from.

The economies of investment in food trade is complex but establishment of business relationships with producing land and its producers are simple in the Jharkhand and coming years  promises to be pivotal years in Jharkhand. Policy makers, Industry leaders, farmers entrepreneurs and other key agricultural and food influencers will gather to address the most pressing challenges and opportunities head on, including:

  1. How Jharkhand will provide global platform to Agro based industry viz farm mechanization, Dairy, poultry, fishery, food processing Organic farming, Feed and fodder and start up institutions and stakeholders to showcase the potential and opportunities?
  2. How the research and technology interventions happening globally and locally and their application and implementation in Jharkhand
  3. Can small scale farming and Industrial agriculture co- exist harmoniously? Is one better than other when it comes to promoting sustainability in agri- food system?
  4. What kind of Agro based model do we want for the future of Investors and for the farmers ?

So,  Agriculture & Food Summit- 2018, Jharkhand to convene some of the world’s agriculture and food leaders. On the menu, a day of dynamic programming, serving mix of thematic presentation , Key notes, B2G meetings, B2B networking and breakout sessions . We will discuss potential and opportunities available with Jharkhand to explore how Jharkhand can become land of investments in agri food systems.