Presence of food processing value chain in Jharkhand

The state is lacking in Food Processing value chain infrastructures. There is scope of creation of post-harvest , storage, processing , value chain with transportation and marketing infrastructures for Horticultural crops ( vegetables, fruits, spices, flowers), Nutri Cereals ( Millets), Livestock produce ( Milk and Meat ), Minor Forest Produce and Fish. The state has Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Processing units for these produce in limited number,. In Primary processing segments ,the state majorly having presence of units such as cleaning, sorting, grading, Refrigerating, Chilling and Freezing. In Secondary Processing segments, the state producing slices, pulps, flakes, pastes, Flour, Broken Rice, Puff, Malt, Skimmed and dried milk and preserved food. In tertiary, the state units produces Ketch-ups, Jams, Juices, Pickles, Preserves, and Chips under Horticulture processing categories. Similarly Biscuits, Noodles, Flakes, Cakes and Namkeem under Grain processing categories. Chironji, nuts, mahua, karanji Oils, Spices, Masala few state forest produces exported to different countries.

Given the strong state presence in the East Indian market, few highlighted below companies are having their units in various segments of food processing sector. These segments are as: Fruits, Vegetables Processed Grains, Meat Poultry, Aqua products, Milk & Milk products, Alcoholic beverages, Aerated soft drinks, packaged drinking water and packaged food.