Jharkhand is the 6th largest fish producer in the country with over 1.00 Lakh MT production. 55,534 Ha tanks, 115,000 Ha reservoirs and 14,450 Ha water bodies in form of coal pits/ mines/ ahars & check dams with 1800 KMs river available for fisheries. Jharkhand is leading state in cage culture production with over more than 1000 cages being floated in different reservoirs and state of art hygienic wholesale fish market established in Ranchi. About 40,000 farmers trained for Skill development so far, by state government fishery department.

Egg production in the year 2015-16 was 4839 lakhs and 5103 lakhs in 2016-2017. Total Meat Production in 2015-16 was 50.7118 thousand tonnes out of which the production from poultry was about 10.711 thousand tonnes. Similarly, for the year 2016-17 total meat- production was 54.726 thousand tonnes, including 12.7 thousand tonnes from poultry. The per capita availability of egg in India is 64 while in Jharkhand it is only 25 against Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) recommendation of 180. Similarly per capita availability of poultry meat in India is 3.1 kg. In Jharkhand, it is 2.25 -3.5 kg in the urban area while 0.75-1 kg in rural areas. There is a huge gap in demand and supply and have the opportunity of growth in this sector. Around 190 veterinary centres are being established in the state.

At present Milk production in Jharkhand is 18.12 Lakh MT whereas 28.82 Lakh MT is required as per ICMR. There is 37.13% deficit, similarly per capita milk availability in Jharkhand is 171 gram/day whereas national per capita milk availability is 302gram/day. There is an ample scope of investment and opportunity in this sector. Along with the central government, the state government at present is running several scheme and incentive/ grants for Breed improvement and production enhancement.