Farm Mechanization is very crucial for today’s agriculture, with the availability of farm labour declining and their wages increasing, farm operations have turned expensive calling for mechanical intervention. The state’s focused attention on increasing farm incomes, agri mechanization is going to receive a further boost as that will eventually reduce farm drudgery, increase farm productivity and hence farm profits.

Global submit organised by Jharkhand includes Farm Mechanization as an important and relevant theme thus becomes the ideal platform for the stakeholders to discuss the issues, growth opportunities and explore possibilities of enhancing farm mechanization in this state. As per the Tractor Manufacturer Association, total Tractors sold in Jharkhand was 2349 in 2001-2 and 8349 numbers of tractors were sold in the year 2013-14, the selling of tractors in the state has seen the compound annual growth rate of 10.25 % in these many years.