Agro- eco conditions of Jharkhand is well suited for horticultural crops (vegetables, fruits and flower) throughout the year. Apart of it, the vast stretches of forest area are the natural habitat of valuable medicinal and aromatic plants.

Scientific effort along with timely government support will further accelerate the production and productivity of the horticultural, medicinal and aromatic plants to a great extent.

The climatic conditions and the monsoon profile years after years favour millets, tuber crops and pulses production to a great extent by crop diversification particularly in vast stretches of upland.

The proposed summit will provide a common platform for planners, scientists, entrepreneurs, industrialists as well as farmers to share their experiences and formulate strategies with action plan to boost up agricultural production and productivity and develop required post-harvest infrastructural facilities to prevent post-harvest losses and enhance shelf-life of different produces of agricultural and allied sectors with creation of agri-based industries and emphasis on proper market linkages within the state and also in neighbouring states to transform agricultural sectors as profitable ventures.